Monday, January 5, 2009

What is Jaguar Pride Photography?

Jaguar pride photography is unlike any other High School Booster Club photo site.  The idea for the start of Jaguar Pride Photography was founded by John Albright


In the past High School Athletic Booster Clubs here in San Antonio and across the State have contracted with Photographers to take action shots of their kids playing High School sports.  Those select and talented group of Photographers have taken photos, run websites, designed sports programs and some have even donate a percentage of their profits back to the Booster Clubs they work for.


The Idea behind Jaguar Pride Photography was to turn this status quo upside down.  John Albright had experience working for booster clubs but somewhere along the way as John got more and more involved with booster clubs and non profit organizations he began to realize that while “the photographer” was busy making money for themselves everyone else in the booster clubs were busy raising money for the kids.  So the question was raised “What is the difference between taking photos and selling Frito-Pies in a concession stand at a JV football game?”  When you think about it the big difference is at the end of the day the photographer has sold a photo and made a profit, while the concession stand volunteer worker (who works just as hard) gives up all of the profit they collect to the Booster Club to help the athletic department of their particular High School.


So the Idea was born from the simple concept that Photographer can be volunteers just like the rest of the Booster Club.


Photographers that are signed up to work for the Johnson High School Athletic Booster Club volunteer their time and efforts and take photos at events through out the year.  They then donate their photos to the Booster Club and the Booster Club posts the photos and sells them on their website.  The photos are sold at a set market rate with a small portion of profit worked into the price.  At the end of each month a check is cut from the website host directly to the Booster Club.  All profit checks are cut to “Jaguar Pride Association” and the profits go directly back into the Booster Clubs account. 


The booster Club does reserve the right to issue a stipend to photographers for the use of their equipment on a monthly basis.


What we have found at Jaguar Pride Photos is that everyone is very pleased with how the process works.  Not only do parents get to order quality photos of their kids playing sports for Johnson High School but they are also helping to raise money for the Athletic Department as well.


For more information on How the Jaguar Pride photography model works email John Albright at albright527@me.com


Jaguar Pride Website - http://jaguarpride.org/

Jaguar Pride Photography Website - http://www.jaguarpride.printroom.com/


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