Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FAQ - Pricing of Photos

When asked about Jaguar Pride Photography and how we came up with the idea of "Fundraising Through Photography" we are often asked "How did you come up with your price structure?" and "Do you ever give discounts or free photos?"

Lets start with the price structure.  First while all the money is going to a non-profit we are tyring to make money don't you know!  Seriously, we spent a lot of time working on making the price for each photo no mater what size affordable but at the same time at a place where the Jaguar Pride Association could see some returns as well. 

We are not trying to break the bank but just trying to find new and interesting avenues to raise money for the booster club and other than the outrageously priced Apron we think these are decent prices for the quality of photos.  When coming up with the price for products we did a lot of research on other Booster Clubs and what their photographers were charging and feel our pricing is highly competitive with other schools.

The other question we get is can we just give away some photos or can we discount orders for large amounts purchased at once.  

Again giving the photos away defeats the purpose of trying to raise money.  Once the precedence is set that the booster club will give away photos its hard to say "No we don't do that"

We will donate photos to programs, flyer's and advertisements as long as they are promoting Johnson High School in a positive manner and promotes the Jaguar Pride Association as well. 

If you would like to know if your "Project" qualifies for a donation of photos contact us at albright527@me.com

As for any discounts the booster club has discussed this issue at length and feels it's pricing is at a place where discounts are not needed.  The booster club feels like the customer is already getting a discount with the reduced pricing already in place.

One program that might be started in the future is Jaguar pride members, at a certain level, receiving a coupon for a select number of photos.  We are still working on this idea and it will probably next school year before it is even brought up for discussion by the Jaguar Pride Board.

As always if you have any questions please send us an email at albright527@me.com


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