Friday, January 30, 2009

Jaguar Pride Photography - This Week's Schedule

Maybe i should say this weekend's schedule as it's already Friday and I'm just updating the schedule.  I had a busy week but now it's time for some Jag-Photos

Tonight we will be at the Girls Soccer Match against Lee at Comalander.  We will only be there for a half but wanted to see the girls soccer in action against Lee.

Tomorrow (Saturday January 31) JPP will have a full day of Photos 
We will start our day at the CTJ campus with an early morning shoot of the JV Boys Soccer team at 9am against Lee.

We will leave a little early from that match to catch up with the Varsity Girls basketball team and shoot their game against Churchill at Littleton.  We will stick around to see if the resurgent boys basketball team can defeat Churchill at 12:30pm.  As soon as the basketball is over we will hustle over to Josh Davis Natatorium for the District 26-5A swim meet.  

Look for all photos to be posted by Monday morning Feb 2

or send an email to albright527@me.com


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