Friday, January 30, 2009

Jaguar Pride Photography - This Week's Schedule

Maybe i should say this weekend's schedule as it's already Friday and I'm just updating the schedule.  I had a busy week but now it's time for some Jag-Photos

Tonight we will be at the Girls Soccer Match against Lee at Comalander.  We will only be there for a half but wanted to see the girls soccer in action against Lee.

Tomorrow (Saturday January 31) JPP will have a full day of Photos 
We will start our day at the CTJ campus with an early morning shoot of the JV Boys Soccer team at 9am against Lee.

We will leave a little early from that match to catch up with the Varsity Girls basketball team and shoot their game against Churchill at Littleton.  We will stick around to see if the resurgent boys basketball team can defeat Churchill at 12:30pm.  As soon as the basketball is over we will hustle over to Josh Davis Natatorium for the District 26-5A swim meet.  

Look for all photos to be posted by Monday morning Feb 2

or send an email to albright527@me.com


Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009 - Jaguar Pride Photograhy - Updates to Soccer and Basketball

"Fundraising Through Photography"

We seem to have already had a full week of Jaguar Photography.  After an early morning team photo day with both the boys and girls basketball teams on Tuesday, we then shot both boys and girls varsity soccer matches against Madison that night.  Wednesday we were back in the gym finishing up the basketball team shoot and then found our way to the CTJ soccer field for the girls JV soccer against Madison.  There are direct links below to each gallery of photos.

Just in case you missed it the North Central News (Thursday Express-News Insert) ran a story and photo of the Girls Varsity soccer team and their opening district win over Mac.  Here is a link to the Story 

Johnson Pride Photography - New Galleries just uploaded

Always remember when you purchase from Jaguar Pride Photography ALL of the profits go right back into the Jaguar Pride Association.  Our Photographers are volunteers and are dedicating their time and skill for the booster club.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

THis Week in Jaguar Photos - January 21, 2009

Well the week has already started and yet I'm just getting around to posting the schedule.

Yesterday morning we did a team photo shoot of the Boys and Girls Basketball teams.  those photos will be posted tonight.

Last Night we attended both the boys and girls varsity soccer matches.  Photos from both matches will be placed up for viewing tonight as well.

Tonight we will be back at Johnson for the 4:30pm start of the JV girls soccer match against Madison.  

That will more than likely conclude our week of shooting Jaguar events as we have other commitments we must attend to this weekend

Check back for further updates.

Go Jags!



Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18, 2009 - Jaguar Pride Photography Update

We have updated the galleries with photos from this last weekend.  We have photos from the varsity girls Soccer stunning 1-0 victory over MacArthur, the boys soccer 0-0 tie against MacArthur and Jaguar wrestling from the Reagan Duels Tournament.

Click each link below to go directly to each gallery 



email us at albright527@me.com

check back here on Monday as we realease our latest schedule of events for this week.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009 - Latest Jaguar Pride Photography Updates - Soccer and Tennis

We have uploaded the Photos from the Boys JV and Varsity Team Photo Day, and some select photos of the Johnson Tennis practice at CTJ.  If everyone looks cold in the photos it's because it WAS!!

Click on the links below to go directly to each gallery

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FAQ - Pricing of Photos

When asked about Jaguar Pride Photography and how we came up with the idea of "Fundraising Through Photography" we are often asked "How did you come up with your price structure?" and "Do you ever give discounts or free photos?"

Lets start with the price structure.  First while all the money is going to a non-profit we are tyring to make money don't you know!  Seriously, we spent a lot of time working on making the price for each photo no mater what size affordable but at the same time at a place where the Jaguar Pride Association could see some returns as well. 

We are not trying to break the bank but just trying to find new and interesting avenues to raise money for the booster club and other than the outrageously priced Apron we think these are decent prices for the quality of photos.  When coming up with the price for products we did a lot of research on other Booster Clubs and what their photographers were charging and feel our pricing is highly competitive with other schools.

The other question we get is can we just give away some photos or can we discount orders for large amounts purchased at once.  

Again giving the photos away defeats the purpose of trying to raise money.  Once the precedence is set that the booster club will give away photos its hard to say "No we don't do that"

We will donate photos to programs, flyer's and advertisements as long as they are promoting Johnson High School in a positive manner and promotes the Jaguar Pride Association as well. 

If you would like to know if your "Project" qualifies for a donation of photos contact us at albright527@me.com

As for any discounts the booster club has discussed this issue at length and feels it's pricing is at a place where discounts are not needed.  The booster club feels like the customer is already getting a discount with the reduced pricing already in place.

One program that might be started in the future is Jaguar pride members, at a certain level, receiving a coupon for a select number of photos.  We are still working on this idea and it will probably next school year before it is even brought up for discussion by the Jaguar Pride Board.

As always if you have any questions please send us an email at albright527@me.com


This week in Jaguar Photos - January 14th

This week we have already been a little busy with Girls Varsity Soccer vs Brandies on Monday (posted), Boys Varsity and JV Soccer head shots and team photos (coming soon) on Tuesday, and some action tennis during practice on Tuesday (coming soon).

For the rest of this week we are looking to shoot both varsity boys and girls soccer vs MacArthur on Friday, JV boys soccer vs Mac at CTJ on Saturday morning and Varsity wrestling at Reagan on Saturday as well (time permitting).

Check back for updates

Go Jaguars!

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****** January 16th Update ******
We will be skipping this Saturdays JV boys Soccer Match in favor of shooting the Varsity Wrestling at Reagan.  We will catch the JV Boys Soccer at a Date and Time to be Determined.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13, 2009 - Latest Jaguar Pride Photography Updates - Girls Soccer

We have updated the website overnight and the latest gallery is the Girls 2-0 victory over Brandeis.  Click the direct link below to be taken strait to the Gallery.  Check back later for more updates as we will be shooting the Boys Soccer team photo this morning at Johnson.

Direct Link to the Gallery

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Jaguar girls soccer wins moves record to 5-2-1

The jaguar girls varsity soccer squad defeated Brandeis 2-0 in their first home match of the season. The varsity girls soccer advanced their record to 5-2-1 with the victory.

Photos from today match will be up soon check back later for updates.



This Week In Jaguar Photos - January 12th

With the Basketball teams traveling to New braunfels today and off for the rest of the week will will not be covering any Basketball this week but will pick them back up next week. Here is a list of events we plan to shoot this week, check back after the game or match for the photos.

Monday: 5pm - Johnson Girls Varsity Soccer vs Brandies at BAC-E
Tuesday: 8:30am - Johnson Boys Varsity Soccer team photo at Johnson.
Friday: 5pm - Johnson Girls Varsity Soccer vs MacArthur at BAC-W
Friday: 7pm - Johnson Boys Varsity Soccer vs MacArthur at BAC-W
Saturday: 9am - Johnson JV Boys Soccer vs MacArthur at CTJ

Good Luck to All the Jaguars on Finals this week!!

To see the BEST in Sports photos visit the Jaguar Pride Photography Home Page
For all Your Jaguar Info visit the Jaguar Pride Website

questions, complaints and the occasional praise email us at albright527@me.com

Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11, 2009 - Latest Jaguar Pride Photography Updates - Soccer and Basketball

We just uploaded three new galleries from events this past weekend.  Friday's Johnson vs Reagan Boys Varsity Basketball Game, Saturday's Johnson vs Wagner Boys Varsity Soccer Match, and Saturday's Johnson vs Reagan Girls Varsity Basketball Game.

On a side note the Boys Varsity Soccer is undefeated after wining 3 games in this weekends Wagner tourney.  They are the first Johnson varsity team to win a first place trophy of any kind in any sport.  The Girls Varsity Soccer is bringing home some hardware as well as they took 3rd place in the Humble Tourney this weekend.

Check back for our upcoming schedule and more FAQ post here on the JPP-Blog.

Click the Links below to go directly to each gallery



any questions or comments please email us at albright527@me.com


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jaguar boys soccer wins to move to 2-0

Jaguar boys defeats Wagner 4-2 this morning and will play Holmes this afternoon at 1pm for the chapionship. Johnson defeated Hawkins yesterday in the Wagner tourney. Photos from today match against Wagner will be posted soon check back here and go Jags!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2008 - Latest Jaguar Pride Photography Gallery Updates

Three of the four boy's basketball teams were covered last night and the photos are already up in the gallery.  Click on the direct links below 

Our next event will be the BIG Reagan vs Johnson Boys Varsity Game this Friday night at Littleton Gym.  Game time is 5pm hope to see everyone there and then return here to see the photos.

Any questions or comenets please contact us via email at albright527@me.com


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jaguar Pride FAQ – What is an image download and what can I do with it?

This is probably one of the more popular questions we get at Jaguar Pride Photography mainly because it’s not something most photographers will do so it is a bit foreign.  Basically because Jaguar Pride Photography is a fundraising operation we want to provide our customers with the best prices and not worry so much about a profit margin.  Sure we want to make money for the booster club to help support the Johnson Athletic department but we also are not trying to break people either. 


The image download is very unique in that it gives you (the end user) a lot of flexibility in use.  Basically you are charged a fee and then you are sent an email on how to download the full resolution photo file.  You will be prompted to save this file to your hard drive and from there the options are almost unlimited.  You can print the photo at a local printer like Costco, Wal-Mart or CVS as many times as you like as many sizes as you like.   You can email it to friends, you can use it on a social networking site like facebook or myspace.  You can use it in a Christmas card, or even use it to make a poster of your favorite player.  The only restriction is that the file be used for Personal use only and not used in Commercial or Editorial Photography.  This is mainly to protect the rights of the people in the photograph. 


The value on the image download is unlimited to your imagination.  Here is a break down.


Say you are simply interested in purchasing a photo from Jaguar Pride Photography but you want a 8x10 for yourself and you want to send a 5x7 of the same photo to the grandparents as well.  With the current pricing of $7.50 for the 8x10 and $5.00 for the 5x7 you would spend $12.50 plus $4.49 in shipping and $1.38 in tax and your total is $18.37 for your two prints.


Now let’s take the same image and order an image download of that one image at $8.50.    There is no shipping or tax because it is an internet sale so you are charged $8.50 for the image download.  You are then sent and email on how to download your image.  Once you have the image on your hard drive you can take it to some place like Costco and print the image as a 8x10, and 5x7 (for grandma remember).  At Costco’s current pricing the 8x10 cost you $1.49 and grandmas 5x7 cost $.39.  So your total with the image download and Costco printing is $10.38 a savings of $7.99.  Plus you still have the image to print again and again and again.


The full resolution version is just that, FULL Resolution like it came out of your own camera.  You get it as big as we have it no adjustments in size are made to the image before we send it to you.


If you have further questions on this topic or others please email us at albright527@me.com






This week in jaguar photos

Each week we try and post a schedule of what games or events the jaguar pride photographers will be shooting. If you don't see your sport being represented you can always yell and scream at us via email at albright527@me.com

Wednesday Jan 7 -
JV boys basketball @ Roosevelt
Freshman boys basketball @ Roosevelt
Varsity boys basketball v Roosevelt @ Littleton

Friday Jan 9 -
Varsity boys basketball v Reagan @ Littleton

Saturday Jan 10 -
Varsity boys soccer v Wagner @ Wagner tourney
Varsity girls basketball v Reagan @ Littleton


Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2008 - Latest Jaguar Pride Photography Gallery Updates

January 5, 2008
Galleries uploaded

Click on each line to be taken directly to the new gallery

Check back for More updates

Quations: albright527@me.com
Jaguar Pride Website - http://jaguarpride.org/

Why Does Jaguar Pride Photography have a Blog?

Why does Jaguar Pride Photography have  a Blog, you ask?  Well everyone else seems to have a blog why can't we!  

Seriously this blog is intended to be used as a place to answer questions about Jaguar Pride photography plus a place where we can post updates when we upload new galleries.  

The Jaguar Pride Photographers shoot a lot of events and sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of the updates.  Every time we upload a new gallery we hope to also post a short post on this website letting everyone know a new gallery of photos is up and where to find it.  

If your real web-savy you can subscribe and follow this blog with the feed link at the bottom of this page.

Any questions - albright527@me.com

Jaguar Pride - http://jaguarpride.org/


What is Jaguar Pride Photography?

Jaguar pride photography is unlike any other High School Booster Club photo site.  The idea for the start of Jaguar Pride Photography was founded by John Albright


In the past High School Athletic Booster Clubs here in San Antonio and across the State have contracted with Photographers to take action shots of their kids playing High School sports.  Those select and talented group of Photographers have taken photos, run websites, designed sports programs and some have even donate a percentage of their profits back to the Booster Clubs they work for.


The Idea behind Jaguar Pride Photography was to turn this status quo upside down.  John Albright had experience working for booster clubs but somewhere along the way as John got more and more involved with booster clubs and non profit organizations he began to realize that while “the photographer” was busy making money for themselves everyone else in the booster clubs were busy raising money for the kids.  So the question was raised “What is the difference between taking photos and selling Frito-Pies in a concession stand at a JV football game?”  When you think about it the big difference is at the end of the day the photographer has sold a photo and made a profit, while the concession stand volunteer worker (who works just as hard) gives up all of the profit they collect to the Booster Club to help the athletic department of their particular High School.


So the Idea was born from the simple concept that Photographer can be volunteers just like the rest of the Booster Club.


Photographers that are signed up to work for the Johnson High School Athletic Booster Club volunteer their time and efforts and take photos at events through out the year.  They then donate their photos to the Booster Club and the Booster Club posts the photos and sells them on their website.  The photos are sold at a set market rate with a small portion of profit worked into the price.  At the end of each month a check is cut from the website host directly to the Booster Club.  All profit checks are cut to “Jaguar Pride Association” and the profits go directly back into the Booster Clubs account. 


The booster Club does reserve the right to issue a stipend to photographers for the use of their equipment on a monthly basis.


What we have found at Jaguar Pride Photos is that everyone is very pleased with how the process works.  Not only do parents get to order quality photos of their kids playing sports for Johnson High School but they are also helping to raise money for the Athletic Department as well.


For more information on How the Jaguar Pride photography model works email John Albright at albright527@me.com


Jaguar Pride Website - http://jaguarpride.org/

Jaguar Pride Photography Website - http://www.jaguarpride.printroom.com/