Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jaguar Pride FAQ – What is an image download and what can I do with it?

This is probably one of the more popular questions we get at Jaguar Pride Photography mainly because it’s not something most photographers will do so it is a bit foreign.  Basically because Jaguar Pride Photography is a fundraising operation we want to provide our customers with the best prices and not worry so much about a profit margin.  Sure we want to make money for the booster club to help support the Johnson Athletic department but we also are not trying to break people either. 


The image download is very unique in that it gives you (the end user) a lot of flexibility in use.  Basically you are charged a fee and then you are sent an email on how to download the full resolution photo file.  You will be prompted to save this file to your hard drive and from there the options are almost unlimited.  You can print the photo at a local printer like Costco, Wal-Mart or CVS as many times as you like as many sizes as you like.   You can email it to friends, you can use it on a social networking site like facebook or myspace.  You can use it in a Christmas card, or even use it to make a poster of your favorite player.  The only restriction is that the file be used for Personal use only and not used in Commercial or Editorial Photography.  This is mainly to protect the rights of the people in the photograph. 


The value on the image download is unlimited to your imagination.  Here is a break down.


Say you are simply interested in purchasing a photo from Jaguar Pride Photography but you want a 8x10 for yourself and you want to send a 5x7 of the same photo to the grandparents as well.  With the current pricing of $7.50 for the 8x10 and $5.00 for the 5x7 you would spend $12.50 plus $4.49 in shipping and $1.38 in tax and your total is $18.37 for your two prints.


Now let’s take the same image and order an image download of that one image at $8.50.    There is no shipping or tax because it is an internet sale so you are charged $8.50 for the image download.  You are then sent and email on how to download your image.  Once you have the image on your hard drive you can take it to some place like Costco and print the image as a 8x10, and 5x7 (for grandma remember).  At Costco’s current pricing the 8x10 cost you $1.49 and grandmas 5x7 cost $.39.  So your total with the image download and Costco printing is $10.38 a savings of $7.99.  Plus you still have the image to print again and again and again.


The full resolution version is just that, FULL Resolution like it came out of your own camera.  You get it as big as we have it no adjustments in size are made to the image before we send it to you.


If you have further questions on this topic or others please email us at albright527@me.com






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