Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jaguar Pride Photography - Tennis vs Hanna and Judson

Jaguar Tennis sends Hanna back home disapointed

Saturday morning Johnson Tennis dominated Hanna to win yet again on the season. Later Saturday Johnson took on Judson and we took photos at both matches. The Link below is to a gallery with all of the photos from both matches.

Link to Tennis Gallery

Johnson Tennis – Varsity vs Hanna and Judson

Here are some more links for you as well to our new Photo site also note we have created a Jaguar Pride Photo page on facebook so you can follow us on the largest social network

Jaguar Photos Home page

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Jaguar Pride Association Site

We hope you like the all New Jaguar Pride Photo Site. Currently this new site hosted by Smugmug is under construction but will soon be fully functional. The new site is faster to load, provides more options for purchasing and a few products are actually cheaper. Hopefully you like the new site and as we transfer photos from the old site over to this new and improved Jaguar Photo Site we invite you to take a test drive. Each Sports has its own launch page and under each individual sport the galleries will (eventually) all be separated by school year. We are working hard to transfer all of the 2008-2009 school year photos over from the old site to the new site and should be complete in the coming weeks. If you don't see a gallery you are looking for or a sport you are looking for don't panic. Its coming these things just take time. We are talking about over 22,000 photos!!

As always we welcome an feedback you have by emailing us at albright527@me.com

Jaguar Pride Photography is comprised of volunteer photographers donating their time to raise money for the Jaguar Pride Association. All profits from the sale of photos from Jaguar Pride Photos at www.jaguarphotos.com goes directly to the Jaguar Pride Association.

If you or someone you know would like to donate photos to the Jaguar Pride Association for sale on the Jaguar Photos site. Please contact John Albright via email albright527@me.com

Go Jags!

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